According to Fox 23 News we will know the names and faces of the "Lucky Seven" from the Capital Region that won the $319 million dollar jackpot tomorrow.

A check presentation will be held at 10:30am tomorrow. The names have not been released, but it is confirmed that the winning ticket was presented to the New York State Lottery. Get the full story from Fox 23 News here.

If I were one of the winners and I am not for the record I would do these 5 things with my money up front.

1. Pay off my house, and put some improvements into it.

2. Set up some investment funds for my children's college and nest eggs for their future. I've never seen a U-Haul behind a hearse, so let the kids live well after I'm gone.

3. Buy a membership at Queensbury Country Club for life.

4. Buy a Cadillac CTS and pay cash for it.

5. Start a scholarship fund for kids looking to get into the communications field in college at my Alma matter Fort Ann Central School

After that, its just fluff. Congrats to the winners and I hope they all do some good of some sort with their new found fortunes. Pay it forward.