A 29-year-old man from Schaghticoke is in trouble for using the pressure spray on a coin mechanism of the Hoffman’s Car Wash in Brunswick.

Hoffman's Car Wash - Brunswick
Hoffman's Car Wash - Brunswick (Google Street View)

The incident happened on April 11, and the man, Evan Giroux was in court on Thursday. He was charged with Felony Criminal Mischief.

New York State Troopers got a call back on April 11 about a damaged computer in one of the self service bays of the Hoosick Street car wash. After Checking tapes from the surveillance system, New York State Troopers claim that the tapes showed a man intentionally using the sprayer and using it to spray water into the coin slot of the machine’s control panel. This caused more than two-hundred, fifty dollars in damage to the equipment.

According to the article from the Times Union, Giroux was contacted by the New York State Trooper, and Giroux then went to the trooper barracks in Brunswick and turned himself in.

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