Siena College students are testing wastewater to track the presence of coronavirus.

Eventually, we will wipe ourselves clean of the coronavirus pandemic. Until that actually happens, we need to keep pushing new ways to track the virus. Some local college students are doing just that.

According to a Times Union story, Siena College has a sewage testing program where students are taking samples of wastewater at the college and checking it for the presence of the COVID-19. virus. Testing the wastewater is a way to get an early indication if the virus is becoming an issue. The Times Union says other colleges are doing this as well and several local cities including Albany have the urge to start similar testing to get a more accurate picture of public health as it pertains to coronavirus.

I am sure right now people actually getting tested is the top priority for our public health officials. But finding new ways to maintain and track public health must also be a close number two. It's crazy to think that this virus, and any virus for that matter, is traveling with waste through our sewer systems right underneath us. Hopefully like everything else in those pipes, it will eventually wash out to sea to never be seen or heard from again.

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