Based on this run of good luck, one Schenectady convenience store may be getting a little more foot traffic for lottery tickets.

Most people I know who play the lottery, have a routine or a strategy they follow with hopes of hitting it big. Some play the same numbers like family members' birthdays, some will track the lottery website to see which scatch-offs still have the big prizes out there, and some visit the same store to buy those tickets thinking they are due to strike it rich. Ya know, kind of like when you play the same slot machine - at some point, it has to hit right?

Personally, I move around when buying scratch-offs. I feel like those winners can pop up anywhere, so why not mix it up?

If your lottery strategy is to go to the same store for your tickets you may want to consider switching it up to a new destination in Schenectady. Apparently, Lady Luck has set up shop at this Electric City Convenience store.


The Luckiest Lottery Ticket Store In Schenectady

According to a News 10 story, TWO winning $100,000 tickets for this past Monday night's Powerball drawing were sold at Cold Spring Food and Fuel at 2451 Hamburg Street in Schenectady.

Now I would be curious to know where both winning tickets quick draws? Did the winners choose their numbers? Maybe it was one of each? If both winners were random raws - that is some GREAT luck.

Either way, the lottery gods seem to be sending some good mojo down to Hamburg Street in Schenectady. So maybe pop in and grab a couple of tickets for that next Powerball drawing! And oh yeah, this same store also has some of the cheapest gas in the Capital Region.

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