'Hey Bartender' could be the 'going out' song of summer 2014. Next time you hit the town pre-game it with Lady Antebellum's newest single.

The song also inspired popular choreographer Donna Manning to compose a fun line dance that's already packing the floor. Manning's credits include dances to Florida Georgia Line's 'Cruise' and Neal McCoy's 'Can You Do This?'

'Hey Bartender' Line Dance
48 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Choreographed by Donna Manning
Music- 'Hey Bartender' by Lady Antebellum

16 Count Intro

(1-8) Press, Recover, Step – 3X, ½ Turn Triple
1&2, 3&4Press off the ball of L, Recover to R, Step L back, Press off the ball of R, Recover to L, Step R back
5&6Press off the ball of L, Recover to R, Step L back
7&8¼ turn R stepping R to side, Close L to R, ¼ turn R stepping R fwrd (6:00)
***RESTART here on walls 3 & 6- starts facing 6:00, happens facing 12:00***

(9-16) Rock, Recover, Cross – 2X, ¼ Turn, Side, Cross, Side, Together(close)
1&2, 3&4Rock L to L side, Recover to R, Cross L over R, Rock R to R side, Recover to L, Cross R over L
3&4, 7, 8¼ Turn R stepping L back, Step R to R side, Cross L over R, Step R to R side, Step L next to R (9:00)

(17-24) Toe Heel Struts w/ Hip Bumps (Bump & Step)
1&2, 3&4Touch R toe as R hip bumps fwrd, bump R hip back, Step fwrd on R, Touch L toe as L hip bumps fwrd, bump L hip back, Step fwrd on L
5&6, 7&8Repeat 1-4 (9:00)

(25-32) Fwrd R Coaster, 2 Walks back, L back Coaster, Step, Lock, ½ Unwind
1&2, 3, 4Step R fwrd, Bring L to R, Step back on R, step back L, Step back R
5&6, &7, 8Step L back, Bring R to L, Step L fwrd, Step R fwrd to cross diagonal, Lock ball of L behind R, unwind ½ turn L taking weight to L (3:00)

(33-40) Step, Hold, Ball-Step, Touch – 2X
1, 2, &3, 4Step R to diagonal, pause, Step ball of L to R, Step R fwrd, touch L to R
***Restart here on wall 4 – starts facing 12:00, happens facing 3:00***
5, 6, &7, 8Step L to diagonal, pause, Step ball of R to L, Step L fwrd, touch R to L (3:00)

(41-48) Weave, Back Rock, Recover, Side, Weave
1, 2&3, 4R to R side, L behind R, R to R side, L cross over R, R to R side
5&6Rock L back on an angle, Recover to R, Step L to L side
7&8R behind L, L to L side, Cross R over L (3:00)

*3 restarts (Wall 3 after 8, starts @ 6:00 happens @ 12:00, Wall 4 after 36 starts @ 12:00 happens @ 3:00, Wall 6 after 8 starts @6:00 and happens @ 12:00)

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