Fox is the latest to announce their Fall TV lineup. There are a few shows I am really excited about, one of which is what they are calling "the new 24" starring Kevin Bacon. "The Office" fans will be excited to check out "The Mindy Project" (pretty sure they will change the name) starring Mindy Kaling from The Office playing a gynecologist.

"Ben and Kate":  A sitcom about "a pair of odd-couple siblings."

"The Mob Doctor":  A drama about a "brilliant female surgeon" who's "caught between her medical career and her family's debt to the Mafia."

"The Following":  A thriller starring Kevin Bacon as a former FBI agent who's "called out of retirement to track down the mastermind behind a nationwide string of murders."  Fox describes it as "the next '24'." James Purefoy, from HBO's "Rome", plays the bad guy.  He's a serial killer who has created a network of serial killers. I love Bacon and Purefoy and think this one will be a hit.

"The Goodwin Games":  An hour-long comedy about three estranged siblings who "return home after their father dies, and learn that they need to fulfill his wishes in order to inherit the more than $20 million that they didn't know he had."


The shows Fox is NOT bringing back next season are:  "Alcatraz", "Breaking In", "The Finder", "I Hate My Teenage Daughter", "Terra Nova" and "House", which is airing its SERIES FINALE next week.

The shows they ARE bringing back include:  "American Idol", "American Dad", "The Cleveland Show", "Bob's Burgers", "Bones", "Cops", "Family Guy", "Fringe", "Glee", "Hell's Kitchen", "Kitchen Nightmares", "New Girl" , "Masterchef", "Raising Hope", "The Simpsons", "So You Think You Can Dance", "Touch" and "The X Factor".

Also "Glee" is moving to Thursdays and Sarah Jessica Parker as well as Kate Hudson will guest star in a bunch of episodes.