Kane Brown and Nelly add a vibrant twist to a remixed version of Brown's song "Cool Again."

The country star and hit rapper teased a new rendition of the song in a recent Instagram video shared by Nelly, who called it "one of the dopest tracks that I've done thus far." The two make good on the promise with a neon-filled music video that takes them south, to a beach in Miami.

In the summer-friendly video, Brown is a one-man island, the camera finding him washed ashore in a yellow inner tube with nothing but the sound of the waves to keep him company. He soon spots a mysterious package floating in the water, however, and heads to an abandoned cabin on the shore, which turns out to be a retro room decked out with burnt orange and cool blue hues, an old-fashioned boombox and a bottle of Smirnoff to top the experience off.

Brown embraces the tropical vibes as he sings along the beachfront where palm trees abound, going so far as to pour his heart out to a starfish washed ashore. But he isn't in solitude for long, as Nelly rides in on a jet ski, joining his collaborator on the white sandy beach, the two clearly enjoying one another's company as they sing, "'Cause I just wanna be cool again, cool again, cool again / Like we were last summer / All tangled in each other, nights still playin' back in my head / I just wanna be cool again, cool again, cool again."

Brown's original version of "Cool Again" was released in April and is currently in the Top 15 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

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