Joe Nichols' 'Yeah' music video is inventive and entertaining. Instead of taking place on an elaborate set, the singer and actors involved in the video actually turn into a real-life comic strip.

At the start of the video, a comic book pops up on the screen. The title reads, 'Yeah! A Joe Nichols Adventure' atop a photo of the country singer. Other tag lines on the book say, 'See It All Right Here,' 'Not Just Another Night in a Hay Field,' and 'Featuring Joe Nichols.'

The first 'page' of the comic book begins with an animated graphic, and further down, the actors in 'Yeah' -- three couples -- appear. They're filmed as normal, but much of the scenery around them looks like it's still in the comic book. A cartoonish fire flickers as they all sit around, and a smiling moon hangs above them.

As the video progresses, different lyrics and thoughts pop up from the actors' heads via thought bubbles, making the music video feel lighthearted, interesting, and fun to watch.The storyline centers on one couple in particular: the guy saying 'Yeah' and the girl he's interested in.

Nichols is featured playing his guitar and singing throughout the 'Yeah' music video, but much of the focus is on the two actors who are falling in love. It ends with the characters walking toward a huge lit-up 'Yeah' as they slowly turn back into part of the comic strip.

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