Before the last fun-filled weeks of summer are behind us, Joe Nichols wants to remind us to capture the carefree days of the season with his 'Sunny and 75' video.

Nichols' 'Sunny and 75' video is so simple that it's nearly perfect. The clip opens up with a shot of Nichols picking his guitar on a rooftop and finding postcards from the beach inside his guitar case. After a few lines of reminiscing about a perfect moment with his girl, a truck with a camper hitched to the back pulls up to take him away.

It's hard to tell if Nichols is literally leaving the rooftop, or if he's just being transported to a new location through his memories. Either way, the next few minutes of the video show viewers exactly why the country singer is so caught up on the memories of a perfect summer day.

The camper pulls up to a beach as Nichols' girlfriend wakes up from a long nap. When she walks out the door, she's greeted by a panoramic ocean view. Hoping to take advantage of the day, the country crooner and his lady spend the afternoon playing volleyball and cuddling in the sand before they pick a new spot on the map and drive to a new beach.

"I wanted to create a video that reflects a certain state of mind -- a feeling that you get when you think about a specific time in your life, or place, where it always feels perfect -- like it’s a consistent sunny and 75,” Nichols explains. “This song is all about going to that state of mind.”

The 'Sunny and 75' video does a great job of capturing what it's like to relish in the perfect moment. After one look at the clip, you'll be itching to relive one of your favorite memories.

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