Joanna Smith is a talented female vocalist in the country music world and she is back with her second effort on RCA Records Nashville. She has played the big stage at 1077 WGNA's Countryfest and has a lot of fans in the area. When you hear her new you will be a bigger fan of this lady.Joanna Smith's new single that you can hear on 'GNA is titled "We Can't Be Friends" and it is a masterpiece. When you give it a listen below you will know what I am talking about. What is even more amazing is how she ended up with the song. Kenny Chesney actually had the rights to record it and Joanna heard the song and wanted it for one of her albums. Kenny had hung onto it for a long time and when he didn't get a chance to put it on his latest CD "Welcome To The Fishbowl" he contacted Joanna Smith and told her that the more he though about it, the emotion really was something that a guy couldn't pull off and he told her he though that she would do it justice so he let her record the song.

Joanna Smith did not let him down and she really knocks it out of the park.