When your 20-month-old daughter asks to join you on the Grand Ole Opry stage, how do you say ‘No’? If you’re Jessie James Decker, you don’t. Vivianne joined the singer at the Ryman Auditorium this month to sing “This Christmas” recently.

It’s as cute as it sounds. While the little girl doesn’t help sing, she does throw her hands up in the air and bounce around with absolute glee. Her clapping and hand waving is either an effort to get the crowd to stand and cheer for mom, or she’s been watching too many Martina McBride videos. Most likely it’s an impulsive gesture of joy as her mom hits all the right notes on country’s most famous stage. At the end she claps right along with the crowd.

Vivianne is Decker and husband Eric’s first child. Baby Eric Thomas Decker II joined the family in September, and since then she’s been working hard to get back to her pre-baby weight. In a recent Instagram post, the singer said she’s five pounds away from pre-Eric Jr. weight, and 10 away from pre-Vivianne weight. She’s doing it the right way too.

"I work out two times a week and eat well making mostly all my meals at home but still have my sweets and treats,” she says.

The singer’s husband is an NFL wide receiver for the New York Jets. Earlier this month, she released a 7-track Christmas album called This Christmas, which includes the title-track she performed at the Grand Ole Opry on Dec. 12.

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