There is nothing better on a nice sunny day in Summer than taking a break from it all and throwing the kids in the car for a fun round of mini golf.

You don't have to know how to play golf. You just head out and play and laugh and have great time. No pressure, and if you play at a real mini golf course there is usually some ice cream waiting at the end of 18 holes. It's affordable and fun, and once you get in the routine the kids ask you to take them out for a round which makes it even easier.

I will be making posts throughout the Summer about some of my favorite mini golf courses, just in case you're out on a day trip and drive by a course, it may ring a bell with you after reading these posts. I take my mini golf as serious as I do playing real golf and promise not to send you to any "sub par" mini golf courses. Haha!

The first course I love to play is Hillbilly Fun Park in Fort Ann on Route 149. They have two 18 hole courses and it is set in the country right next to Hadlock Pond and just a quick 15 minute ride from Lake George, the true "Mecca" of mini golf. One of the courses at Hillbilly Fun Park features a "Hillbilly Fun" theme, and the second course is a trip around the United States in 18 holes. One hole that is special to me is the skunk hole


and the dancing cows hole. You know you're in the country. They also have a full service soft and hard ice cream parlor. The parlor is built to look like an old barn whick is very cool. Happy mini golfing to you and yours this Summer and keep checking back on for updates.

Don't forget to check out Volume 2 of my favorite mini golf courses!

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