For most, a new year means new ambitions, whether it's taking up a new hobby, or going back to an old one they used to do before "life got in the way."

(Hey, no judgment... it happens.)

Since most of our lives are conducted online, that means everything we're typing into our machines is quantifiable, including what hobbies we're searching for. You might think they'd include old standbys like "running" and "reading more," but a recent survey by the website revealed that New Yorkers are searching for something a little more exotic than that:

A five-year Google search analysis reveals a burgeoning curiosity for unconventional pastimes. Americans are turning towards eclectic hobbies, with searches for activities such as aquarium keeping, home brewing, beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, and letterboxing climbing the charts.

So what hobby are New Yorkers searching for more than any other?


#1 - Beekeeping

Yes, that's right. Bee-lieve it or not, more New Yorkers are interested in getting wrist-deep in their own homegrown honey than they are gardening, hiking or stamp collecting. Seems a little unusual, considering this is not something you can just pick up willy nilly... there's a fairly substantial learning curve and entry cost to consider.

Of course, New Yorkers could just be enamored with the suit. Which can run anywhere from $45 to $250, depending on the brand and quality.

Seller USDYNAMICX on Amazon
Seller USDYNAMICX on Amazon

Why are people drawn to beekeeping?

At its core -- or shall we say, at its comb? -- beekeeping involves the care and management of honeybee colonies. What makes it particularly appealing is the deep connection it fosters with the natural world. For humans to play a role in supporting the health of nature's tiny confectioners, we get a deeper appreciation for the duties of creatures lower on the food chain than ourselves. Many who have taken up the hobby have reported on its therapeutic effects.

Of course, if you're not interested in getting repeatedly stung as part of the learning curve, you could always play the Bee Simulator video game:


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