Some people need to loosen up, and have a little fun - don't you think? I'm not going to go down the hole about 'people these days' and the whole sensitivity thing, but what i'm about to share is funny, no denying it.

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ALDI Customers Question 'Appropriateness' of Label on Onions

What would you do if you picked up an item at the grocery store and there was something on the label that you found to be offensive? Not buy the item? Pick up a different brand? Go to a different store altogether, all because of something on the label?

If the situation below happened to me, I'd stock up on as many bags of this product as possible...but that's just me.

What's going on with the produce tags flipping me off?
byu/cleverdylanrefrence inaldi

It all started when an ALDI shopper, allegedly hailing from Ireland, was unpacking groceries from a usual shopping trip 'only to find a label on her bag of red onions that was far from ordinary.'

The customer was described as being astonished, finding a tag on the red onions that 'bore an image of a hand with the middle finger raised.'

You know I booked it to the closest ALDI to see if I was able to get my own hands on some of these angry onions - no dice.


Mixed Thoughts On ALDI's 'F-Unyuns'

Though some are still horrified about the label situation, there are many, like me, who think of this as a great example of not taking life too seriously.

Some of the Reddit comments have been spectacular, with jokesters coming up with some pretty incredible one liners about the angry label.

canva, Reddit
canva, Reddit

John Harrison, via explains the 'oopsie' pretty perfectly, citing

This hand drawn image sits nicely in the sweet spot where it is offensive enough to be fun, but not too outrageously offensive to cause mass public upset.

Has ALDI Issues Explanation, Apology For 'Rude Gesture?'

With some angered shoppers using descriptors like disbelief, highly offensive, rude, perplexed, you'd assume that the marketing team at ALDI would want to get in front of this, but I cannot find anything official from the company that explains the mishap, or apologizes for anyone offended by the 'flippin' label.'

A. Boris
A. Boris

A post that has gone quasi-viral on Threads, and made it's way to Facebook and Instagram by a person who goes by @rube states that ALDI did provide an apology and explanation: 

Aldi has apologized after batches of onions were put onto shelf’s featuring a rude gesture, a spokesman for Aldi said we are constantly scanning for cheaper prices and the contract with the particular packaging supplier had come to an end, we have protocols in place and we are disappointed these made it to the customers and this was not a fault with the food product itself 😂

Though I haven't found this statement from ALDI themselves, you know i'll be watching this story closely, and hoping that the Hudson Valley may get the chance to get some offensive onions of our own....

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