Chick-fil-A announced a major change to its food. New York customers of Chick-fil-A should expect a modification to the chicken that the restaurant serves. Many people have expressed their outrage with the decision.

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According to the NY Post, the chain announced that it will no longer serve NAE chicken, which means no antibiotics were used in raising the animal. Instead, the company will use NAIHM chicken, which means "no antibiotics important to human medicine." Southland Organics says,

"While NAE may be several notches higher in the eyes of the group of today's consumers who want chicken nuggets and chicken tenders made from chickens raised without any antibiotics throughout the growing process, NAIHM allows producers the flexibility to treat sick animals, while being respectful to the role that food animal production plays in the world of antibiotic resistance and the idea of our entangled health systems."

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Some customers are mad about Chick-fil-A's change.

Heathline says "The overuse of antibiotics in food-producing animals is being blamed for the increase in resistant bacteria, also known as 'superbugs.' When these are passed to humans, they can cause serious illness."

The change is a departure from Chick-fil-A's previous goals. In 2014, the company had previously switched to antibiotic-free chicken. By 2019 the chain's restaurants had all started serving antibiotic-free chicken. The company attributes the change to maintaining its supply of chicken. Chick-fil-A claims that the antibiotics will only be used if an animal or those around it become sick.

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