As the cities police force deals with an internal affair following the suspension of its entire drug unit, here is how the city will deal in the meantime.

Last week a household was entered without a warrant and this was reported which led to the entire unit being placed on paid administrative leave (I still disagree with this). Being born and raised in Troy I know that drugs are a huge issue in the city, I still say the entire unit shouldn't be punished for the actions of one or two officers.

Times Union is reporting that multiple agencies will help out Troy in the trying time. Both the State Troopers and the US Drug Enforcement Administration will be taking care of business until everything is smoothed out. Which in fairness they usually do help out anyway. Now as I said above, I do disagree with the action of the entire unit being suspended but at least now as a resident can have a little peace of mind.

More details on the entirety of the events are at the link below thanks to Times Union.



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