Dierks Bentley has already produced some major club and dance hits like 'Free and Easy' 'Sideways' and 'Am I The Only One.' Now, the hot country rocker has found another party hit with '5-1-5-0.'

This song is sure to be a staple on our WGNA Country Dance Party playlists, so check it out and get a little crazy on the dance floor.


32 Count, 4 Wall Beginner/Intermediate Line Dance
Choreographed by Cheryl and Jenna Knott
Music: 5-1-5-0 by Dierks Bentley (Two Easy Tags and One Re-Start)

Right shuffle forward, rock forward left recover right, left shuffle back, rock right back recover left

1&2 Right shuffle forward

3-4 Rock left foot forward recover right

5&6 Left shuffle back

7-8 Rock right back recover left

Right ½ turning shuffle left, rock recover, hip shakes

1&2 ½ turning right shuffle to the left

3-4 Rock left recover right

5-6 hip shakes- left, right

7&8 left, right, left

*Re-start: after Hip Shakes in the third round of the dance, facing 12 O’Clock

Right sailor step, left ¼ turn sailor step left, heel jacks

1&2 Right sailor step

3&4 Left ¼ turn sailor step to the left

5&6& heel jacks-Right over left, step back left, right heel forward then back together

7&8 Left over right, step back right, left heel forward

Left rocking chair, 1/2 Left turning shuffle to the right, Right Rock Recover

1-4 Left rocking chair

5&6 ½ Left turning shuffle to the right

7-8 Right rock recover

*Tag: Add 2 Stomps, R-L, after first round of the dance, facing 9 O’Clock

*Tag: Add 2 Stomps, R-L, after fourth round of the dance, facing 9 O’Clock

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