What heck happened over night? Yes, we go dumped on. What was the end accumulation? We get almost two feet where I was. 

We're all thankful for plow trucks on the highway. However, when it comes to those city streets we are a little hesitant to be so accepting.

After the plow trucks come in and bury your car, how long does it take you to get your car out and moving?

Fifteen Minutes -  Well, you must be rich and have a garage. Why else would it take no time at all you luck SOB.

Half Hour - Maybe you're one of those people who keep going out every hour during a big storm to brush off your car, shovel it and move it. If this is you congratulations on a smooth morning. You are a proactive person who uses their time wisely.

One Hour -  So, maybe you shoveled your car and cleaned it off once during the big storm. Either way, it could have been much worse. You're a hard worker but you get busy sometimes. You can move fast when you want to.

Two Hours - You didn't do anything last night except eat and watch TV. Maybe you worked a little bit but at least you can be motivated when you want to and get things going. You're not out of shape but not in the best of shape.

Three Hours or More - There is no hope for you. If you've passed the two hour mark and you don't see the end in sight you should just call someone to help or pay someone else to do. I worry about your laziness and procrastination.

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