Don't forget to try out some tasty libations that are made here in Upstate New York.

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Troy on Tap is coming up here at the Athletic Fields at the Sage Colleges in Troy pretty quick. I mean at this point we are only a little over three weeks away. Saturday, September 17th we will be able to enjoy three hours of craft beer sampling from breweries from all across the country.

But as much as I love all the delicious beverages coming in to join us from afar I'm also really pumped for a lot of the releases that will be pouring from right here in Upstate New York. New York has a big growing craft beverage scene and it's not always possible to get out to visit some of the breweries as often as I'd like. So when they are going to be available in our home town I try to take advantage of that luxury as much as possible.

If you are looking to try out some breweries from Upstate New York that you may have not been to in awhile I put together a nice little list of some of those I'm looking forward to pouring at Troy on Tap.

  • 1911
  • Cooperstown
  • Ellicottville
  • Empire
  • Good Nature
  • Ithaca
  • Lake Placid
  • Ommegang
  • Saranac
  • Upstate

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