During his Sunday press conference, Gov. Cuomo revealed a framework for initial reopening plans.

As news about the coronavirus pandemic in New York continues to improve, Cuomo has started to get into more detail on plans to reopen businesses. According to a CBS 6 report, the Governor laid out the first two phases of this plan during his press conference Sunday. The first phase of the plan would reopen "low-risk construction and manufacturing" and the second phase would include "more essential, lower risk business." The governor said in his press conference he would look to actual businesses to provide plans to safely reopen. CBS 6 says there will be a two-week waiting period between phases to monitor the effect on hospitalization and infection rates.

New York is definitely going to take a slow, calculated approach to reopening. We would all love for things to open right away, but we also do not want things to back in the wrong direction. While the pain of opening slowly will be worst now, hopefully it mitigates it in the long run so we can all get back to a somewhat normal existence.

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