As we officially kick off the holiday season this weekend, let us help out with the most important of Christmas symbols.

At some point over the next few weeks, you probably have some time set aside to jump in the 'ol front or four-wheel drive sleigh to head out and grab your Christmas tree. So we figured this weekend we would get right in the holiday spirit of giving by helping you out with that tree!

Starting Friday morning at 9:20am, listen throughout a Tree For Free Weekend to win a $50 gift card to use towards a Christmas Tree From Hewitt’s Christmas Wonderland! Hewitt’s Garden Centers has thousands of trees to select from and the best selection of lighting, tree toppers, greenery, and unique ornaments! So if you like holiday decorating - You'll LOVE Hewitt’s.

Just listen for your codewords at the following times then enter them below to win!

  • Fri: 9:20am; 12:20pm; 2:20pm; 3:20pm
  • Sat: 9:20am; 11:20am; 1:20pm; 3:20pm
  • Sun: 1:20pm; 3:20pm

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