You know what is tough when a group like Rascal Flatts has a ton of hits? Narrowing it down to my 5 favorite songs!

But, I somehow managed to do it here with my ultimte Rascal Flatts playlist as we get ready to see them sing all these songs at GNA's Countryfest July 7. Let's be honest, I could blog for days about these guys and all of their tunes that I love. But, here are my top 5 Rascal Flatts tunes!

1. These DaysThis was Rascal Flatts first #1 mega smash hit, but it is my fave for one simple reason: It was a big hit when I first got started in Country radio in 2002 and it brings me back to those days! And look how young the guys are in this video!

2. Life Is A Highway: In 2005 the guys made this Tom Cochrane classic their own for the Cars movie soundtrack. My kids Emmett and Scarlett love this one now because of the movie!

3. Me and My Gang: I love this one because it just simply rocks! I can see GNA Nation going nuts for this one at SPAC July 7!

4. Banjo: Rascal Flatts are known for their ballads, their rockers, songs with pop sensibility; but on this one they take it downhome with their oder to the banjo. Plus, it's pretty cool that Country legend Glen Campbell's daughter Ashley is playing banjo in the video!

5. What Hurts the Most: Hey, I had to put one ballad on this top 5. And this is such a powerful song, I still get goose bumps every time I hear it. That makes it playlist worthy!

So are you pumped for Countryfest yet? Well than get those tickets now! Afterall, lawn seats are only $20 (Including all fees and taxes!) though Tuesday, May 8!




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