If Gary Allan's chart-topper 'Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)' was optimistic, his follow-up single 'Pieces' is downright plucky. The uptempo country-rocker may be the most contented single he's ever released.

It's also his most predictable single. Allan has always lived on an edge and slowly built a very large, loyal fanbase with songs of depression and heartbreak, plus a few romantic exceptions. 'Every Storm' worked within that context while moving in a new direction. The production on 'Pieces' lacks some of the creativity he's displayed over the last 16 years.

"Pieces of my heart / Pieces of my soul / Pieces that I’m gonna be, I don’t even know / I gave a lot to lovers / Gave a lot to friends / Everything I took from them / Made me who I am / Pieces," Allan sings during the chorus. Lyrically, each verse does a better job of pulling you in. The chorus is hooky and cute, but not especially unique.

"Guess I’m learning / That what breaks you, makes you grow / But I’m not hiding where I’ve been, gonna let the light shine in / What I don’t need / Gonna let that, let that, let that go," he sings to close the second verse.

Allan's distinct vocal style makes the song much more interesting than the lyrics on paper, and the reflective, grateful, feel-good nature of the message will endear him to some. However, there are more dynamic songs from 'Set You Free' to showcase.

2.5 Stars

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