According to a Times Union report, the show has backed out of making over LT's Grill in the Shop Rite Plaza on Nott Street because of "production issues." The TU report also says the owner LJ Goldstock said the show cancellation was a "major letdown" after all the effort they put in to accommodate their visit. Goldstock told the Times Union show producers reached out to him to be featured, not vice versa.

The basic premise of 'Restaurant: Impossible' is show host Robert Irvine basically comes in and on a limited budget give restaurants in need a renovation and menu makeover. Based on the fact the show reached out to LT's, you have to imagine while they are disappointed the show is not coming, it is not imperative for the success of the restaurant. Either way, it would have been cool for another reality show to feature the Capital Region. Who knows if the show will reschedule, but hopefully Robert Irvine does make it to LT's at some point down the road to make good on their visit.

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