If an Upstate New York wedding just isn't for you and your fiance, this could be the solution.

If you are engaged, chances are you are seeking out a beautiful Capital Region or Upstate New York location to have your wedding. Maybe you are looking for a neat spot in the city, or something on a pristine lake in the Adirondacks. Or, maybe either of these are not for you. Maybe you just want a Mexican feast and to get a quickie marriage. If it's the latter, book your flights to Vegas.

According to People Magazine, on August 7th Taco Bell will open a restaurant/wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Yes, it's true, For $600, you get hitched, a dozen tacos, a bouquet made of hot sauce packets and more!

I will say this - if you want to save money on your wedding, this is the way to go. Fly to Vegas, get hitched and hey, you will even get a meal for your wedding party! Just don't eat the bean burritos - this is your wedding night after all!


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