New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is being accused of a scheme that involved giving "fake" game worn helmets to collectors. They sell this stuff for huge money, and for the life of me I've never understood why people buy it!

Who trusts memorabilia companies to begin with?  It's just too easy to rub a little dirt, blood, or sweat on something and call it game worn. And I don't get the people buying this stuff either!  Now don't get me wrong.  I can appreciate a place like the Baseball Hall of Fame. Seeing an actual bat or glove used by Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio is awesome. It's historic, unique and extremely rare. The modern stuff, not impressed. Derek Jeter's game worn cleats have the same historic value as an iPhone 6.  Also, what kind of grown man pays thousands of dollars for a game worn helmet? Probably the same kind of person who only buys expensive bottles of wine and only eats filet mignon.

I prefer to watch and cheer for modern athletes, not display their (fake) game worn stuff. Oh, and I'll take a NY Strip any day of the week over that filet.  Tastes better and its cheaper.




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