Brian and Chrissy's Cash rolls on, and so many lucky folks have won FREE CASH with one word!

3 times every weekday we are giving you chances to win up to $5,000 with Brian and Chrissy's Cash. So just how much cash is changing hands? Check out this impressive list of winners:

Patty Mossman $1,000
Renee Nero $1,000
Denise Lopez $500
Danielle Pulley $500
Arnita Cavender $1,000
William Jackson $1,000
John Suire $500
Brandi Powers $5,000
Shondra Williams $500
Stacy Maxey $1,000
Kelsey Rickels $500
Amber Munster $1,000
Brian Krol $1,000
Michael DaPra $1,000
Brian Nunes $1,000
Stephanie McMullen $1,000
Andrew Welch $500
Amonlat McMillen $500
Sandra Darby $500
Kalii Frimml $1,000
Sherry Pennington $500
Lori Cole $500
Debra Pildade $500
Mark Fulks $1,000

That's tens of thousands of dollars. So if youhave not played yet, what are you waiting for? Keep listening for the Cash keyword every weekday at 9am, 1pm and 4pm and enter it here for your chance to win. The next name on this list could be yours!


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