Are you still playing Candy Crush?
I still play Candy Crush, I know my wife does too and a lot of other people I know still send me game requests, so I don't know if I believe people have stopped playing.  But, it was reported that King Digital, maker of "Candy Crush Saga", believe people have started drifting away Candy Crush!

getty images
getty images

I know people who are waiting for more levels to play!!  A friend of mine go so exited when she learned there were new levels, she got right on her Ipad and played!  Andrea plays WHILE I am talking to her.  So I really think this HAS to be a mistake.  But, maybe that is just my world.

So, I ask, are you still playing Candy Crush?  If not, what game have you moved on to?

What will be the next game craze!!



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