I've seen the tv commercials, news stories and read quite a bit about how Uber needs to be here in the Capital Region.  Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.  But I will say this, I'm tired of hearing local business owners, lobbyists, and over enthusiastic "Uber Fans" talking about how "lacking" and yes, even "stupid' (see video) the Capital Region is because we don't have it.

Having Uber here in the Albany area would certainly be a positive thing.  Uber creates jobs and it creates competition; stimulating the local economy and keeping ride prices more competitive.

But the notion that we are some sheltered dogs unable to safely get out of our homes at night because we don't have Uber is utterly ridiculous. I live in Center Square Albany, and parking can be a hassle so sometimes I don't want to take my car.  I've used standard cabs on many occasions and have had zero issues with them.  Clean, comfortable, friendly, and on-time.  Almost every time.  I've never thought to myself, man I'd love to go to Troy tonight but there's no Uber to take me there.  If I want to go to Troy, I drive or take a cab, carpool with a friend to Troy.  It's amazing how that works every single time.  Even without the miracle of Uber.

I'm all for what's best for Albany and the Capital Region.  If Uber comes in and whisks us away to Capital Region places we've never dreamed of going, then I'm all for it.  But in the meantime, I'll just drive, walk, take the bus, get a ride with a friend or call a yellow cab to get around in "stupid' old Albany.

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