I haven't been on a true vacation in over 4 years. I've made a few small trips here and there and had some really great "Stay-Cations" but nothing I would call a true vacation. So when my sister Sandy informed me I would be going to Disney World this year (and yes SHE TOLD ME I WAS GOING) I got nervous and excited all at once. There was so much to do so that Ella (my 8 year old) and I could go BUT it was Disney and neither of us had ever been. My sister paid for everything but the flight so it was on! Let me tell you it was the greatest trip of my life. Disney World makes a child out of all of us but seeing my daughter's joy was AMAZING!

This pic is before we ever got there. She was SOOOOOOO excited! It became contagious and a ongoing joke. Things were just more exciting if they were at Disney, like it isn't a bush... IT'S A DISNEY BUSH!

Like here she's not watching a Disney Cartoon... it's a Disney cartoon, IN DISNEY!

We were lucky enough to go when they had the "Mickey's Not So Spooky Halloween Party". Which was great because Ella and my niece Amber got to dress up in costumes and trick or treat in the Magic Kingdom.

She had so much fun I had to invoke my "Super Dad Strength" and carry her about a mile to the shuttle buses.

The next day the rains came and I mean IT POURED! So we put on our ponchos and kept the fun coming. Everybody was a little nervous the rain would dampen our fun. As you can see Ella did not have that concern. Look at that smile!

We hit Animal Kingdom in the rain and it was fantastic! Ella found a sleeping Hippo.

AND a lazy Gorilla.

Ella met all her favorite princesses but her ultimate favorite is Ariel.

I won't lie it wasn't cheap but it was totally worth it! You can't put a price tag on being your daughters hero and seeing her experience true joy over and over. I have to thank my sister for not only forcing me to go but making it all possible. Disney World is truly the most magical place in the world.