The Oscars were on last night but you may not have known that you didn't have to go to Hollywood to see one, there's one right here in Albany, NY.

Albany native Edwin J. Burke won an Oscar 87-years-ago and you can still see it in person at The Albany Institute of History and Art, according to the Daily Gazette.

Burke won the Academy Award for best writing adapted screenplay in 1932 for his work on “Bad Girl." The screenplay was adapted from a book by Vina Delmar and follows Dorothy Haley (Sally Eilders) and her love interest Eddy Collins (James Dunn). Their marriage gets off to a rocky start and Collins starts prizefighting to support his growing family. Apparently, the film also took home Best Director that year, given to Frank Borzage.

Burke's Oscar was left to the Albany Institute in 1979 by his niece, Grace Baxter. It's taken out of storage for special events but is usually kept in climate controlled storage within the institute.

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