I am a huge fan of Darius Rucker and I have been even before he came over to the Country Music scene. I loved the music from his band Hootie and the Blowfish back in the day. But now, I have to take a step back on how I feel about the guy.

Darius is a huge sports fan, especially football. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is a devoted fan of their team and he is also a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan. He even has a Dolphins logo tattoo, much like I have a Pittsburgh Steelers tattoo.

Being the sports fan that he is, he was interviewed by the Charlotte Observer newspaper not long ago. He was asked about his favorite teams, Cam Newton and a few other things. One thing that he said caught my eye the most.

Darius says when asked if he wears a team jersey when watching games:

No, I'm not that guy. Anybody over 30 who wears a jersey is a dork. My brother-in-law is 40-something and he wears a Steelers jersey. Every time I see him in it I make fun of him.

I certainly have to take offense to that remark and I would have to say that a few other staff members here at GNA would do the same!

So apparently Myself, Jeff Levack, Sean McMaster and our Marketing Director Selena Dutcher  are Dorks. Well If that makes me a dork, then I'm happy to be one!!! By the way Darius, how are

those Dolphins of yours doing!!  Of course I kid!!

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