Governor Cuomo announced today an official plan to allow fans to attend the Bills first postseason game.

I am sure Buffalo Bills fans are rejoicing today at the mere opportunity to attend a football game this year. Governor Cuomo just announced during his daily press conference that 6,700 Bill fans will be able to attend the team's first home playoff game since 1997. As final seeding for the playoffs still needs to play out, exactly when that game will be and against which team still has to be determined. As winners of the AFC East, the Bills though are guaranteed one home playoff game.

Here are the major points of the plan announced today by the Governor and his team of officials, Dr. Howard Zucker and Budget Director Robert Mujica:

  • Attendance will be capped at 6,700 fans
  • All fans must test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours before game time
  • Fans will have to show proof of a negative test, and the team will have a record of the tests as well
  • Masks will be required at all times
  • Fans will be seated in blocks throughout the stadium, with groups safely distanced from each other
  • There will be no tailgating or congregating at the game
  • Contact tracing of fans will take place after the game

Governor Cuomo said during the press conference this plan is part of an effort to start opening more businesses to keep the economy open as we work our way to mass immunity. He also called this a 'pilot' plan, so one would assume of all goes well this could lead to fans at more Bills games if they advance, and maybe could open the door for other live events to resume like concerts. Let's hope the plan goes well and this leads to more games and hopefully concerts for fans in the near future!

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