Restrictions are slowly lifting, but we are still a long way away from playing and attending sports. There is a huge void in our routine and our family without sports. I have been trying to get Ryan outside more and finding different ways to motivate him. We got word this week that we may have a baseball season. It may be shortened, but the hope is that we can start Ryan's travel baseball in early July. I really hope this comes true.

With missing sports, I am really missing cheering on Ryan when he's on the field. Now I am just trying to get him motivated to practice and stay in shape. The weather is finally cooperating, I am trying to get Ryan to go outside and practice. When I do, I can't help to be a bit obnoxious to motivate him. That's where my "Big League Chooch" comes out.

I mic myself up when Ryan is actually playing games, but I have been mic-ing myself up now when I am practicing with him. Here is the latest installment of "Big League Chooch" where I attempt to motivate my nine-year-old to practice his baseball skills.

I have gotten my "chooch" fix in all different ways because of the lockdown. I have cheered Ryan on playing Fortnite, baking brownies, and even celebrating his birthday during the quarantine. I hope you enjoyed this week's installment of "Big League Chooch".

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