Were you there and want to relive Secret Star? Are you wishing you were there? Check out these Stage Shots from our latest acoustic jam.

Our Spring 2022 Secret Star may go down as one of the best ever! GNA Nation was raving about the lineup of Jon Pardi, Chris Lane, Jameson Rodgers, and Priscilla Block. Dare I say it was the best one ever?

I will leave the best of discussion up to you - but this one definitely ranks among our all-time best Secret Stars. From the songs to the stories to the artist banter, to Jon Pardi getting wheeled out on a dolly. Front to back, April 20, 2022, was one hell of a Secret Star.

So as we get ready to top ourselves at our next show in the flow, lets back in the glory or an amazing night at Proctor's by reliving some great moments from the show in the photos below.

GNA Secret Star Spring 2022 Artist Photos

Another Secret Star Acoustic Jam is in the books, and what an amazing lineup we had at Proctor's on April 20th with Jon Pardi, Chris Lane, Jameson Rodgers, and Priscilla Block. Check out some stage shot from the show here!

GNA Hotshots: Secret Star At Proctor's Theater April 20, 2022

It was another amazing GNA Secret Star Acoustic Jam at the Proctor's in Schenectady Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Were you there? See if we snapped a photo of you and your concert crew!

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