Local Superfans Initiate Newborn Into Bills Mafia [Watch]
A newborn baby girl was initiated into Bills Mafia in Saratoga Springs on Sunday in one of the cutest things you'll ever see.  Family and friends appear to be gathered at the home of Katee Mcmaster, while her husband performs the adorable honors...
Love Cowboy Snaps Fantasy Footballer Into Reality
Dan in Slingerlands
Hey guys -love the show.  I'm a huge football fan and I love fantasy football and I'm in quite a few leagues.  With the season starting up I though it would be wise to let my girlfriend (who I've been dating for about 7 months) know that come Sundays, I'm pretty tied down to the c…
Chrissy's Dad Cut-Out For The Mets
My Dad was a huge Mets fan. When we found out that the Mets were offering to put cut-outs of fans in their seats at Citi Field, our family knew we had to do it. Check out the picture we used and when you can see my dad in the stands during the Mets home games.
Listen as Brian Obnoxiously Cheers On Chrissy's Son
We have all gotten loud at our kids' games. Some are louder than others and I will admit that I am of the louder type. But as we embarked on "Chooch Week" where we highlight other parents as loud as me, we discovered that Brian can also be a chooch at times.
Arena Football Back (Again) Where It Belongs
Fans of arena football in the Capital Region are getting some good news: Football is coming back to Albany.  And the National Arena League is getting even better news, you're coming to Albany.  As lucky as we are to have the announcement of area football back in our area, this league …

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