Please, Let Me Explain Why I Was Rooting Against the Braves Last Night
Rooting for the home team As I die-hard Yankee fan, I was bummed when my Bombers lost to the Red Sox early in this year's MLB playoffs, but I was happy to turn my attention to Ian Anderson and the Atlanta Braves.  But last night, I'll be honest with you, I was actually rooting against the Braves.  Kinda crazy,...
Country Mega-Star Dresses as Doppelgänger from Rexford, and it’s Amazing!
It's taken a little while, but we all knew it was only a matter of time before everyone saw what Chrissy and I have been saying for well over a year now. The likeness between said superstar and Rexford's Ian Anderson is pretty uncanny.  Anderson, a Shen grad is a 23-year-old, All-Star-caliber pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, scheduled to pitch game 3 of the World Series tonight in the ATL. ... Read
Former Shen Standout is a Huge Hit with Country Music’s Biggest Stars
I don't know if former Shen standout and Rexford native Ian Anderson is a fan of country music, but I do know this: Many of country music's biggest stars are quickly becoming - if they weren't already - really big fans of his. See Tweets about Ian below from Country Music's biggest stars It's no secret that some of country music's biggest and most popular stars come from the state of Georgia... Re
Now New York’s High School Athletes Can Cash In on Themselves
My perspective may be tainted from working in mid-major Division I college athletics for a long time. I do believe in free enterprise. However isn't high school, even more than college is about educating our youth enabling them to be better adults? Should we have a 14 year old thinking about making a profit on his or her basketball skills or using those abilities to help make their team better? I'm not sure there is a right or wrong answer with this one. I just know it begs a question.
Rochester Area Man Named Buffalo Bills Fan of the Year
There are only 32 National Football League franchises. Some people commit a large portion of their lives being a fan of those franchises. Others commit their lives to really cool things that help other people and they happen to be big football fans with a favorite team. Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills announced that Albian, New Yorker, Geno Allport has been selected as the Bills 2021 Fan of the Year.
Bills Mafia Pleading w/Southwest to Take Care of Precious Cargo
I think there are no NFL team's fans that travel quite like the Buffalo Bills fans. No matter where their beloved Bills are playing, you can count on hundreds of Bills Mafia in the stands representing. This week is no exception. For Monday night football tonight, the Buffalo Bills fans will be in the stands in full force.

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