Saratoga Community and Loved Ones Griefstricken After Weekend Homicide
I don't know Mark French, the 56-year-old man who was assaulted and killed on Saturday night on Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs, but the story rocked me much like it did many of us in the Capital Region.  The little bit of research I did on this very tragic story on Tuesday yielded a few more details, but one thing I know for sure is that this is the kind of senseless tragedy that makes you re
Cuomo: Effective Labor Day All State Employees Must be Vaccinated
On Wednesday morning, Governor Cuomo issued a stern message to all state employees in New York: You Must Get Vaccinated. Fearing what he calls "pandemonium and chaos," the Governor, according to CBS 6 News said in a Zoom press conference that the "state will require COVID-19 vaccines or mandatory COVID-19 testing for state employees starting on Labor Day." ...
K9 Amber Sniffs Out Cocaine and Handgun During Albany Arrest
How can you not love that happy doggo look on her face?  This highly trained, very good girl was instrumental in helping the New York State Police in a drug and gun bust on Friday that resulted in the confiscation of cocaine and an illegally possesed handgun.  He...
Cobleskill Man Launches Savage Attack with Car, Killing A Man and Two Dogs
A Cobleskill man with a long history of violence, agression and sexual deviance killed a man on Tuesday afternoon when he intentionally rammed the victim with his car.  During the savage outburst, he also killed two dogs and displaced many others when the vehicle he was driving smashed through a Cobleskill hotel and into the room of the motel where both the victim and the perp had been living. ...
Albany Parking Tix Erased for Vaccinated Big Boys & Girls
I have a son who will be 6-years-old in July.  When he goes to the doctor, dentist or anything sterile or medical, and he behaves like a "big boy", he walks out with all sorts of treats and sometimes even prizes.  Lollipops, fake tattoos, stickers, bubble gum, blinky things, stuffies, peanut-butter cups you name it.  I guess...
Colonie Police: Man in 20’s Shot Dead Before Crashing Into Motel
Several sources are reporting that a male in his 20's was shot and killed while driving  during the overnight into Tuesday morning.  Colonie Police are ruling the death a homicide and believe the man inside the car attempted to flee the scene but lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the Motel 6 in Colonie.
Unknown Hero Saves Drowning Boys in Washington County
Who is the mysterious fisherman who saved two drowning boys in Washington County on Sunday? Officials from the Washington County Sheriff's Office are trying to piece together the limited information they have as they try to locate a local fisherman they believe is a legitimate hero.   It is believed that two young boys were saved by this unidentified this man in Cossayuna Lake on Sunday.
11 Epic Ways to Makeover this Old Waterford Firehouse
Want to buy a firehouse? Multiple Waterford Firehouses were put up for sale recently on 518 Online Garage Sale.  The three made available by the Village of Waterford are the Knickerbocker Seamer Co Firehouse, Kavanaugh Hook and Ladder Co Firehouse and the JW Ford Co Hose Firehouse.  It's unclear just how much these stations are going for, but interested parties can find out more information by cli
Will ‘NY TOUGH’ Become ‘NY TOKES’ on 420?
In case you missed it on Tuesday morning, Love Cowboy wanted to talk about "420." Here's what went down in the studio with Brian and Chrissy in the morning, on GNA. Love Cowboy: Guys, I don't know if you all do anything on 420 but now that Cuomo's making weed legal, he wants people to start calling him "King Cabbage." Brian and Chrissy: No he doesn't - nobody's calling him &quo
Cobleskill Mail Carrier Admits to Burying Thousands of Letters and Packages
If you've been sitting around waiting for your stimulus check, that 'letter of apology' from your ex, or just about anything else from the U.S Postal Service and you live just outside of the Capital Region,  you shouldn't hold your breath. A Schoharie County mail carrier admitted this week to burying thousands of letters, mail, and packages throughout the county.  All in all, it was determined tha
Love Cowboy Gives Lesson on Important Vaccination Terms
Before we even got this segment rolling, Love Cowboy blasted into the studio immediately striking up a convo with Chrissy about her recent COVID vaccination shot. Love Cowboy: Heard you got the first shot you feeling? Chrissy:  I was a little sore but I'm better now.  Thank you, I go for the second shot next week. Love Cowboy: I ain't had it yet but I can tell you My sister-in-law go

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