Bill Would Ban Local School's 'Race-Based' Name
As pressure builds for professional sports teams like the Washington Redskins to change their longtime team name or nickname, local high schools could be facing the same kind of change.  Many schools in the Capital Region have nicknames or mascots that are linked directly to Native American heritage…
New York Teachers Targeted In Unemployment Scam
Teaching in the modern world means relying heavily on internet usage and that has exploded during the pandemic. On Friday it was learned that some New York school districts, potentially locally, have been targets of cyberattacks. The hackers were able to retrieve private information from teache…
Police Looking for Missing Berkshire Teen
Let's hope we can spread this message enough to help authorities safely find a missing teenager from the Pittsfield/North Adams, Massachusetts area.
A 17-year-old Berkshire teenager has recently been reported missing and police are asking for your help as they try to locate her.
Missing: Local Teen Last Seen At Million Dollar Beach
Let's hope we can spread this message and help authorities safely find a missing teenager from the Capital Region.
Police are searching for a teenage boy who went missing on Monday and they hope someone out there can help by offering any information that could be useful in locating him.  Th…
Mom Claims Brown's Beach Infected Daughter with 'Swimmer's Itch'
Summer is here in the Capital Region and people are finding ways to keep cool.  As a result, various beaches in our area have been quite popular during the recent heatwave, a trend that  will continue heading into the holiday weekend.  One local mom is warning parents to be careful if you're heading…
Crossgates Continues to Fight 'Unsafe for Business' Label
It goes without saying that the pandemic has been an absolute killer for many local businesses. While some places in the Capital Region have had a chance to begin the slow road to recovery, Crossgates Mall has not. And they're not particularly thrilled with the state's decision to keep the…
Albany Isn't The Wild West, It Just Seems Like It
I live in Albany. You know, the city that literally seems to have gun violence daily, sometimes two or three times a day. If you didn't know any better, you'd think it was the Wild Wild West with all the shootouts. 
It's weird.  I don't feel unsafe in the city I live in, I truly don't.  But if I didn…
Police Unmask Local Woman's 'Can't Work' COVID Scam
While many New Yorkers so desperately wanted to get back to work even during the pandemic, police recently unmasked an inticiate scam that prevented a woman from working. It turns out, a trio of Lake George-area residents were running a quarantine-scheme that kept one area woman out of work, as she …
Troy Police Detain 'Suspicious' Armed Group at Protest
On a day where as many as 10,000 protesters peacefully rallied in Troy on behalf of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matters movement, a tense moment developed between the Troy Police and some suspicious individuals in military style clothing.  It was later discovered that the men were armed.
Watervliet: State of Emergency Declared and Curfews Set
On Friday afternoon, the city of Watervliet declared a State of Emergency with a curfew that will begin on Sunday evening extending into Monday.  This comes as a result of a threat deemed credible enough to compromise the safety of its citizens.
Not Kosher: VT Highway Worker Pelted w Pickle
A Vermont highway worker was just doing his job when he told local police that he was pelted by something as cars whizzed by.  According to police, the man was pegged by a prodigious pickle.  Jarred by the incident, the Vermont highway worker has taken it up with local police, and charged …

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