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Saratoga Mall Bathroom Creeper Caught In Act
Many people in the Capital Region enjoyed Saratoga County over the weekend to take in some historic racing or perhaps even the KISS concert at SPAC.  But an Amsterdam creeper wasn't into any of that, instead he was arrested on Saturday for unlawfully filming a person in a Saratoga County m…
WizardFest Coming to Skyloft, Crossgates Mall
Two bits of Harry Potter news in one week? What did we do to be so lucky? An event was just announced at Crossgates Mall for all local Potterheads to get together and celebrate our favorite boy wizard.
GNA's This Is 'Empire Country' Song
We're all pumped up for the Arena Bowl Sunday night and pretty darn sure our Empire are gonna crush the Philadelphia Soul.  Here's the parody song you may have heard on the show with Brian and Chrissy this week on GNA!
Insane Inflatable 5k
The Insane Inflatable 5k race is coming back to Albany Saturday, September 7. And whether you decide to prep for your race with a high-intensity workout program or a steady diet of Cheetos and warm milk, we want to make sure your race day is the best that it can be, so here are our 5 recommendations…
'Crazy Woman' In Albany Pens Public Apology After Tirade
I see a lot of unusual things living in the Center Square portion of Albany, but this one is a bit of head scratcher.  My girlfriend Samantha texted me a picture of a rather strange public apology letter, typed and placed on a street light pole on the corner of State St. and Lark Street in…

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