I have had a chance to hear Carrie Underwood's new CD "Blown Away" on Arista Records Nashville and she really delivers for all of her fans. Its on sale now wherever you buy music legally in a store or online. I broke down some tracks on the new CD that impressed me to give you look before you pick up your own company. After you get it and listen feel free to comment with 1077 'GNA.  The first track is the current hit "Good Girl" which has that in your face attitude that Carrie can deliver as good as anyone and he fans are loving it. Some other songs on the CD that I think you will enjoy a lot are:

Track 3: Two Black Cadillacs - Its a very original sound about going in different directions and arriving at the same place.

Track 5: Do You Think About Me - Carrie has always done a great job on songs about relationships and love lost and this one delivers to her fans that love this side of her music.

Track 7: Nobody Ever Told You- A song for women about great self image. Its not all about what you see in the mirror. We all are great in our own way. You should definitely let your daughter's listen to this one so they know what's really important in life.

Track 8: One Way Ticket- I am still trying to figure out whether or not I like this one. It is Carrie doing something "islandy and breezy" along the lines of Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffet. It is definitely a side of her music that fans have not heard before this album.

Track 12: Leave Love Alone- This is an upbeat song that has some attitude and that she totally had her "ultra country" fans in mind when she added it to the selections on the album. This one is my personal favorite.

Track 13: Cupid's Got A Shotgun- This is pure attitude and it is subject matter that is covered by every major female artist in country music. Simply put, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." She does a great job with it.


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