A Volkswagen magically appeared on Iroquois Lake in Schenectady Central Park Sunday.

Well, maybe not magically, but according to News 10 police are trying to figure out how it got there.

Credit: @LexiNahlTV via Twitter
Credit: @LexiNahlTV via Twitter

News 10 says when police found the car empty early Sunday morning, they reached out to the owner who had no idea their vehicle had ended up on the lake. The vehicle was not reported stolen and at this point Police are just trying to determine who was driving the vehicle.

It is not everyday that a car ends up on a lake and no one knows how it got there. This seems to be one of those stories where there is much more to the story - it should be interesting to hear how this happened. However it got there. whoever was driving is surely lucky to have gotten out of the vehicle unharmed! That, or someone just played a really cruel joke on the vehicle;s owner.

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