Ringling Bros. easily as a kid is one of the more exciting things to see, many have fond memories about it. Sadly they are shutting down their business.

Its just so sad to see an operation that at one point was so lively and created so much joy in the hearts of millions close its doors for good. Especially for Ringling Bros. seeing as they have been in business for 146 years. Their CEO Kenneth Feld had this to say.

After much evaluation and deliberation, my family and I have made the difficult business decision that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® will hold its final performances in May of this year. Ringling Bros. ticket sales have been declining, but following the transition of the elephants off the road, we saw an even more dramatic drop. This, coupled with high operating costs, made the circus an unsustainable business for the company. - Ringling.com

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