It looks like you could be getting another new cable provider in the near future.

Charter Communications, which has been operating under the name 'Spectrum,' will soon be ceasing operations in the state of New York. According to WNYT,  the New York State Public Service Commission has voided Charter's merger agreement with Time Warner Cable because they did not fulfill promise to 'expand their network' and 'missed deadlines.' They need to stop doing business in the state of New York within 60 days and charter is also on the hook for $1 million in fines WNYT says they have already been fined $2 million!

So what does this mean for you, the cable consumer? The WNYT article says Charter has been odered to maintain service for its customers for 60 days and to also put a transition plan together to a new provider.

And the most important question: will this help your wallet and help you lower your cable bill? Who knows, but my guess is that will be highly unlikely no matter who come in!

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