Breaking News: A helicopter carrying Governor Cuomo, staff and security detail makes emergency landing at Stewart International Airport.

According to multiple news outlets, Gov. Cuomo’s helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing Wednesday afternoon at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The port Authority said those on the helicopter became concerned after smelling fumes.  The plane was traveling south from Albany.

Governor Cuomo was on his way back to New York City when the forced landing happened.  No injuries were reported.

Cuomo's State of The State tour concluded today with is final speech taking place here in Albany.  On the helicopter with the Governor were his close aides as well as some members of his security detail.  Again, thankfully no injuries were reported.

This is a developing story, as we get more information we will update you.  Stay tuned to WGNA both on air and online.


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