Blake Shelton has released the music video for his newest single, "Every Time I Hear That Song." Readers can click play above to watch.

Shelton's "Every Time I Hear That Song" video was shot in an industrial, warehouse-looking setting. Throughout the clip, Shelton is searching for and following a woman around the warehouse; she's wearing a necklace that, at the beginning of the clip, the singer drops on the floor -- a necklace that, as viewers will see later in the clip, she took off and gave back to him after a fight.

"Every time I hear that song / I'm standing in the pouring rain / On your front lawn and ooh-ooh-ooh / I still think about you-ou-ou," Shelton sings as man-made raindrops fall all around him ... and that woman stands nearby, just outside the pouring water. "Every time I hear that song / It's like the first time it came on, and ooh-ooh-ooh / I still think about you-ou-ou / I still think about you."

“Every Time I Hear That Song” comes from Shelton’s newest studio album, If I’m Honest, released in May of 2016; it was written by Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey and the Warren Brothers (Brad Warren and Brett Warren). The album hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and has spawned three Top 10 singles, including two No. 1s: “Came Here to Forget” and “Guy With a Girl,” Shelton’s newest No. 1 song.

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