Have you noticed that in the last 5 years all of a sudden there is a craft beer brewery around every corner in Upstate New York?  Well, now it is time for the hard cider gang to make their move.  Cideries are the fastest growing agri-business in Upstate New York.  The ciderhouse tap rooms are attractive and comfortable (and many serve awesome food) and the hard cider varieties are seemingly endless.  Here is a list of 12 of the best cideries in the region.  Enjoy!

Check Out This 12-Pack of Great Upstate New York Cideries

On the heels of the craft beer explosion in Upstate New York, here come the cideries! Hard cider venues are the fastest growing small agri-business in the region. For those who like a sweeter experience than craft beer, we have offered up a list of a dozen great cideries to get your taste buds buzzing in the spring and summer.

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