You've seen surveys on the best bars in the United States, the best bars in New York, but usually when there's a survey on the world we're out of luck. Usually, those bars are in Europe but this time, the best bar in the entire world is in New York!

The website World's 50 Best Bars just released their list of the best bars and surprisingly, the top winner is in New York State. Is it local? No, you had to assume that it was going to be in New York City but it's a lot closer than traveling to Paris, right?

Dante, found in Greenwich Village on MacDougal Street, was one a fading Italian cafe when it originated 100 years ago. The new owners took it over and completely revamped it. They kept the Italian theme with an updated menu and look that obviously worked for them, being voted the top bar in the entire world.

The two drinks they recommend to order are the Negroni and the Garibaldi if you're looking to take a trip down there. "In hospitality, drinks and food Dante has the fundamentals down to a fine art, earning the deserved title of The World's Best Bar 2019, sponsored by Perrier."

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