If you have always wanted to protect the New York forests on the highest level, now is your chance. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) will be holding training academies for Forest Ranger and Environmental Conservation Police Officer recruits in the spring of 2022.

Now with more and more people enjoying all of the parks and forest that New York has to offer, it is important that everyone and everything is protected properly. This job falls on the Forest Rangers and the Environmental Conservation Police Officers. In order to make sure the lands are preserved and communities, animals, and people are protected, it is critical that the right people enforcing the laws are in place.

This is for aspiring forest rangers and Environmental Conservation Police Officers from across New York State. These training academies will be six months long and start in May of 2022. The DEC is looking for up to sixty new recruits that will be part of the Divisions of Forest Protection and Law Enforcement while protecting all of New York state's natural resources according to News 10 ABC.

The Environmental Conservation Police Officers' job duties range from deer poaching, illegal mining, solid waste dumping, emissions violations, and pet trading on the black market. Forest Rangers do a wide variety of jobs including patrolling state lands, doing search and rescue operations, fighting wildfires, ticketing, and making arrests.

In order to be eligible to become a Forest Ranger or Environmental Conservation Police Officer, you must have passed the most recent Civil Service exam and an eligible list of qualifications. To get more information about the training academies, click HERE.

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