If you’re like us, you’ve already watched the new trailer for Avengers 2 a dozen (or a hundred) times, breaking it down by shot-by-shot and creating gifs and everything. Well, it turns out that we are not alone in our borderline psychotic anticipation for Marvel’s next epic team-up movie. The trailer has shattered records, garnering more views in 24 hours than any other trailer in internet history.

According to Deadline, the trailer was watched 35 million times in its first day of release, breaking the old record of 34.3 million views. The previous record holder? The other Avengers 2 trailer. Yeah, people are pretty excited to see this movie.

Joss Whedon’s follow-up to 2012’s The Avengers kicks off a summer movie season that is jam-packed with huge releases and, if pre-release buzz is any indication, it’ll be the movie to beat at the box office this year. In fact, the only film that seems to have a shot at dethroning it is December’s Star Wars: Episode 7. Well, the gauntlet has been thrown, Star Wars. Your next trailer has to get more than 35 million views within 24 hours or no one will care about you anymore.

Avengers 2 opens in theaters on May 1.