You can get everything else on your phone, so why not lottery tickets?

Your phone is pretty much getting to the point where you can do anything on it, and you will soon be able to add purchasing lottery tickets to its functionality. According to a Times Union story, the New York State Gaming Commission is partnering up with the Jackpocket app to allow players to buy scratch-off tickets. Jackpocket is already operating a non-state-specific app where players can purchase tickets for games like Powerball ad Mega-Millions.

So would the app work? The Times Union says the for scratch-offs it would be a subscription-based service where physical tickets are delivered. For games like Powerball, after a user purchases a ticket a photo is sent to the owner as confirmation.

Jackpocket says they also email serial numbers to users so there is no doubt of ownership of a ticket. So Jackpocket is basically printing the tickets and securing them for users. With the app, users have an account that they fund to purchase tickets. Jackpocket says they in turn deposit winnings up to $600 into that account. Winnings for larger amounts need to be set up in person.

The best part of this (which is already functional) is there is no more forgetting to buy your Powerball of Mega-Millions tickets when those huge jackpots get rolling! I feel like every time we get tickets in our house, I am running out last minute the night of the drawing to pick them up because I always forget to do it. Now we can always be in the running to win!

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