The best things about America are freedom and good beer. Here are a few American grade choices for the holiday weekend. Enjoy responsibly!

  • 1

    Pabst Blue Ribbon

    This American-style lager is well-known for its iconic red, white and blue can. Cool off poolside or play a game of cornhole with PBR. It wouldn’t be Fourth of July without it!

  • 2

    Sam Adams Summer Ale

    A true patriot and one of our Founding Fathers, Sam Adams played a crucial role in the American Revolution (which is why we celebrate Fourth of July in the first place). Honor Mr. Adams by drinking his Summer Ale, the perfect summertime drink!

  • 3

    Yeungling Lager

    Originally named Eagle Brewery (the national bird), Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery in operation. Yuengling is also a huge supporter of the VFW. This Fourth, kick back with Yuengling Lager and celebrate pride and patriotism.